Otonomus Hotel,

Las Vegas

No queues. No waits. All smiles…


Sustainable Luxury

Personalized ad infinitum.
No queues. No waits. All smiles.
Unmatched ease of use, responsive to market sentiments and demands.


A Practical Man

Philippe Ziade enjoys a well-earned reputation for successfully re-engineering industries entrenched in tradition such as construction, real estate, and hospitality. 


A Millennial Brand

The brand’s positioning and marketing is to be aligned with millennial values such as inclusiveness, openness, diversity, sustainability, etc.

The Concept

Peerless. Innovative. Disruptive.

Environmental Standards

Environmental Standards

Environmental Standards


The Ai Edge

Charging Station

Tesla V3


The Otonomus Tesla charging station is capable of delivering up to 250kW to each connected vehicle, significantly reducing charging times.
The Otonomus hospitality brand promises, and delivers, a fully sustainable guest experience in a stylish, warm, and fully customizable setting.

Charging Station

Las Vegas


The first Otonomus hotel is to be located in the vicinity of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip.

The guiding philosophy of Otonomus positioning is being at the ‘happening’ place of each locality.

Reward Program

Borderless Spaces

An apartment-like ambiance, a style that may be called ‘Spartan Chique’ that exudes no-frills elegance and efficiency – and, as such, fits the Otonomus brand philosophy perfectly for a uniform and coherent
‘look and feel’.